Managing Partner
Creative Director
Kris envisioned a design studio that could turn bold strategies into equally effective design. Two years and 30 major brands later, Kris has established Overpriced at the forefront of design in the Baltic States.
Having co-founded White Label — his brand strategy angency — Kris was looking for partners who would know how to take White Label’s bold brand strategies and turn them into equally effective designs. Having found none, Kris set out to establish his own design studio from scratch.
How do you translate bold strategies into equally effective design?
For Overpriced to be successful, Kris recognized it had to eschew the typical challenges that plagued other studios.
Overpriced’s work for SOMA went on to win the first Accenture Special Award at the Latvian National Design Awards, 2017
Design With Purpose
In order to do so, Kris founded Overpriced upon his three principles of Brand Design:

01 Brand Design is Not Art

Brand Design is not an expression of one’s artistic aspirations, but rather an exercise in using design to solve real challenges.

02 Brand Design is Not Aesthetics

Brand Design is not simply about making a brand pretty, but rather about making a brand effective in what it wants to achieve.

03 Brand Design is Not Just a Logo

Brand Design is not just a logo, but rather a holistic visual ecosystem that shapes and informs everything a brand does.
Part of Overpriced’s team of brand strategists, creative directors and graphic designers.
What if for the first time you could have the best and brightest all under one roof?
The right company also needed the right people, and so Kris approached and convinced the country’s leading brand strategist, graphic designer and illustrator to join him, and Overpriced was born.
Since its launch, Overpriced has been part of some of the country’s largest Brand Design work, including an international chain of cinemas, Europe’s fastest-growing investment platform, largest on-demand streaming service, boutique design hotels and everything in between.
In addition to doing great client work, it has been imperative for Kris that Overpriced has the right company culture, too. For that reason, Overpriced in many ways is built like a family, with collective breakfasts on Mondays, fancy all-team dinners every month, regular one-on-one feedback sessions, and a general sense of being part of something larger than oneself.
Results — within just two years, Overpriced has tripled in size and is behind some of the most exciting brands in the Baltic States.
Date: 2015-2018
Project: Overpriced Brand Design Studio
Role: Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Creative Director
Web: overpriced.design