Client: Lattelecom
Role: Creative Director
Shortcut is the latest streaming media and video-on-demand service by Lattelecom, Latvia’s largest internet service provider. In addition to movies, TV shows and sports, Shortcut also provides access to local and foreign TV.
When asked to design the Shortcut brand, we quickly realized that our work should address a fundamental distinction faced by most video streaming services. Namely, the fact that these services are content distributors, and not content creators.

What that means is that we had to figure out a way that would allow the brand design to work well with the diverse partner content that permeates the platform. And second, the design had to be unique and flexible in order to be able to be used on its own.

So we dove right in and tried to figure out
Challenge — How do you design a brand that’s all about other brands’ content?
Creative Concept
So what can a brand do, if it needs to find its voice alongside rich and vast partner content? Instead of trying to compete with it, we argued, it ought to find a way to amplify its partner content, while at the same time telling its own brand story. The Shortcut story is that of being a shortcut, or an accelarated route to all of one’s favorite content. And what metaphor is more ingrained in the very fabric of TV and film if not that of portals and teleportation?
Creative Concept — Portal to Entertainment
The Portal
Visually portal does two things

01 The portal provides a literal shortcut to everyone’s favourite content;

02 The portal works as a unique visual element and can be used on its own.

Keeping these two tasks on the table, we created a visual system that is simple enough to work as a frame for various content (movies, tv shows, live performances, news), yet stay relevant and unique when used on its own. 
Shortcut to Your Favourite Things
The brand design allows Shortcut to work well with all types of content — be that film or animation, comedy or drama, or anything in between. The unique combination of character and portal creates a captivating impression that is unmistakably Shortcut.
Standalone Portal
We designed the Shortcut brand specifically to be able to be used on its own. When there are no renown characters around, the simple, colourful, and unique collection of portals gets the limelight and becomes a powerful tool to tell Shortcut’s story. 
Results — Six months after Shortcut's launch, Lattelecom Internet Television's users had increased twofold.
Date: 2016-2017
Client: Shortcut
Project: Brand Design
Role: Creative Director
Design: Overpriced
Strategy: White Label