White Label
Director of Strategy
Kris co-founded White Label — what is now the leading brand strategy agency in the Baltic States after returning from Firstborn New York. In addition, as a Director of Strategy, Kris consulted clients in industries such as banking, tech, hospitality and everything in between.
Having returned from doing strategy at Firstborn New York, Kris was interested in helping what he saw as an abundance of exciting, innovative, and internationally-oriented Baltic brands reach their highest potential.
How do you help brands in the Baltics in the most meaningful way?
Kris teamed up with strategist Kristaps Silins — who by then had already won the Golden Effie Award (read the NYTimes article here) — and they set out to build White Label. The goal was simple — to help both established and nascent companies define their mission and uniqueness in what were often saturated and difficult to enter markets.
Since its inception, Kris helped White Label design brand strategies for companies in as diverse industries as hospitality, fintech, entertainment, education, and many more.

In addition to direct client work, Kris also helped facilate partnerships that led White Label to providing strategy services to some of the oldest and largest Latvian advertising agencies.
From advertising agencies and large banks to boutique hotels and cinemas
Part of White Label’s team of brand strategists and executives
The most ambitious brand strategy agency also needed the best team, and so Kris helped attract some of the most experienced and seasoned strategy talent to White Label.

This effort has allowed White Label to now be the region’s leading brand strategy studio in terms of its strategy capacity, number of national and international clients, as well as revenue.
Kris’s work at White Label has been instrumental in his development both as a strategist and an executive. It taught him firsthand the importance of company culture, bringing on the right people, working with clients and what it requires to do quality work.
With the help of an amazing team and wonderful clients, White Label has become the leading strategy power in the Baltics and beyond.
Because Kris had incredibly talented and hard working people around him, he was lucky to help build White Label into the leading strategy power in the Baltic States that it is today. In addition, White Label has also been able to achieve what few others have, which is to export its services to clients beyond the Baltics.
Date: 2015-2017
Role: Co-Founder, Director of Strategy
Client: White Label
Web: w-label.com