Co-Founder, Creative Director, UX Designer
Yelo is an educational app Kris built in his spare time that helps people learn road traffic rules. In addition to its visual fidelity and ease of use, the app covers all the necessary topics and makes it faster, easier, and less expensive to get a driver’s licence.
Kris was surprised to see that the process of getting his European driver’s licence had not caught on to the edtech revolution so prevalent in learning languages or coding. Furstrated with the long 8-week in-person process, Kris set out to a personal challenge for himself, i.e. to design driver’s ED for the 21st century.
How do you design driver’s ED for the 21st century?
Being a voracious user of apps such as Headspace and Duolingo, Kris knew that the way to designing driver’s ED for the modern user meant dividing the contents in logical bite-sized pieces, providing instant feedback, and making the process into a game. And thus the idea of a mobile app that would make it faster, easier and cheaper to learn the road traffic rules was born.
Kris spent weeks immersing himself into the Latvian Road Traffic Code in order to take it apart and put it back together in a way regular people would find easy to understand. As a result, Kris designed the methodology — for both the learning as well as interactive tests — for what turned out to be 43 different topics necessary to acquire a European driver’s licence, including topics such as Intersections, Traffic Regulators, Signs and Road Markings, and many in between.
Gamification & Interactive Tests
In an era of instant gratification and information overflow, it was clear that the app should focus on delivering knowledge quickly, to to the point, and provide rewards for advancing one’s understanding. For this reason, Yelo is built upon the idea of game elements and making learning fun.
Yelo is built upon the idea of game elements and making learning fun
Visual Ecosystem
In order to succeed in making learning fun, it was necessary to build a visual ecosystem that would be immediately recognizable, while remaining broad and flexible to suit any situation. And it is; from railroad crossings to flying planes, to vertical-lift bridges and driving at night.
Next Steps
Now that the minimum-lovable-product is in the hands of hundreds of users, it is time to go through the feedback and improve. In addition, since the 1978 United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, there are more than 70 countries to expand do.
Date: 2017-2018
Client: Yelo Driving App
Project: Brand, App, and Web Design
Role: Co-Founder, Creative Director, UX Designer
Graphic Design: Girts Ulmanis
Engineering: Martins Kozlovskis